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Justin Kane Takes on New Mission as He Delivers

"Our Flag Is For The Fallen"

Released to Radio

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Nine years of military service with the United States Navy sharpened Kane’s desire to serve.


Countless hours on stage at county fairs, local venues and filled amphitheaters opening for artists like Josh Turner, Sawyer Brown, Neal McCoy, Granger Smith and Josh Abbott have fueled his passion for writing songs and performing. 

The release of his new single to radio, “Our Flag Is For The Fallen,” is the culmination of nine years in the Navy, two deployments to the Persian Gulf, a lifelong love of music and a gritty, uncompromising desire to honor those that have served alongside him throughout his journey.


"This song is my effort to support the men and women that served and still serve today. I know firsthand the sacrifices that are made.  They had my back, and though I am no longer in the service, I want them to know that I’ve got theirs.  Armed with a guitar and a microphone, I will do all that I can to ensure that their sacrifices are never forgotten.

I hope this song will remind people that our nation’s flag is a symbol, not only of a great and free nation, but also of all those who have given much … and of all those who, whenever needed throughout our nation, who are the first to answer the call." - Justin Kane


With the release of  “Our Flag Is For The Fallen,”  Justin Kane looks forward to further sharing his message with his growing fan base through his upcoming performances and getting to know the good people at radio across the country.   Behind the song click here.

Justin Kane "Cowgirl Crazy"

Single Release to iTunes

Wynnesong Records is excited to announce the release of "Cowgirl Crazy" by Nashville Recording Artist Justin Kane.  "Cowgirl Crazy" is now available on iTunes.  

"Cowgirl Crazy" is an uplifting, good time, girl's night out on the town song!  This song will make you want to kick up your boots, dance till you drop and let the good times roll!

**See the video for "Cowgirl Crazy" below.

"Cowgirl Crazy"

Justin Kane

"Cowgirl Crazy" is another brilliant tune written by Eric Durrance.  A good timing song for all to enjoy.  A song that says to let your hair down and unwind and escape the pressures of the work week. Looking to be released soon to Country Radio in spring of 2018.   



"American Strong"

Justin Kane

Why I Chose "American Strong"

Right away I felt “American Strong” was a song that tells the story of the strength of the American People. We have been through many troubled times since America was born. We have fallen down and we have gotten back up and still continued to be strong. We have had our share of black eyes and our share of cuts and bruises. But again, we get back up and we continue on...   Read More Click Here



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