American Strong Tour

Every year there is a time in May where we have a three day weekend. Many people are at the lakes, beaches, and other outdoor activities having fun with family and friends. However, this weekend isn’t just a time to reconnect with family and friends and to get out doors after a long winter. It is the weekend that we should all remember those whom have sacrificed it all to give us the freedom we enjoy today in the United States. It is a weekend to remember the men and women whom have fought for our country during the Revolutionary war to today’s War on Terrorism.


That is why the song “American Strong” and this tour is important to me. It is a way to reach out to all the veterans and active duty service members who willingly gave everything for our country. It is a way to show them that they still matter. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here today. We wouldn’t have the freedoms we sometimes take for granted. So what better time is there, than this Memorial Day weekend, to go to Veteran’s Homes and VA Hospitals to say thank you to our veterans and let them know that what they have done for our country still matters and that they are not forgotten.


Young and old, veterans and service members are the individuals that have teamed up together to protect and defend our great nation. From the child that can sit and watch Saturday morning cartoons, to the people that can protest in Baltimore, they have the right to do so. They have that right, because of the men and women whom have fought for and died for that right. Their ability to do so is what makes them “American Strong.”

So this Memorial Day weekend, 2015, I wanted to make sure that the veterans everywhere feel that that are NOT forgotten. So I made my way from Scottsbluff, to Omaha, to Denver playing for our veterans.


On May 20th I will be playing for our veterans at the Grand Island Veterans Home. I will then travel to Norfolk, Nebraska to play for our veterans at the Norfolk Veterans Home on Thursday May 21st. Friday, May 22nd I will perform for our veterans at the Bellevue Veterans Home, and take part in the Memorial Day Commemoration at the VA Medical Center. On Memorial Day, I plan on playing for the Colorado State Veterans Home in Fitzsimons. My only hope is that I leave each place knowing that those veterans know that their sacrifice is remembered, and there service will forever be appreciated.


God Bless our Troops, God Bless the USA



Justin Kane Hanshew


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