Our Flag Is for The Fallen – Old Glory stands for the heart of every American who died for our freedoms.  Let us never forget their sacrifice. Remember those whom have fallen as you stand with pride and honor. The heart of all those whom have sacrificed, beats on within all who stand for our nations flag. Honor, Freedom and Sacrifice are not just words, but represent the symbol of our great nation.   See lyrics: Click Here

Cowgirl Crazy – an uplifting, good time, girl’s night out on the town song! A carefree, feel good song about letting the worries of the day just melt away while hanging out with your friends. It will make you want to kick up your boots, dance till you drop and let the good times roll!   See Lyrics: Click Here


American Strong –A song that pays tribute to the heart of the United States of America and to all of our service members all over the world who protect our freedom, no matter what the cost. It is a reminder to all of those out there who may have forgotten that the United States can be a strong nation, when we stand united. Together We ARE American Strong.    See lyrics: Click Here


They Said He Wasn't Hurt – We lose to many of our nations heroes to their battle with PTSD.  Veterans, Police, Firefighters, EMTs, and all those whom have seen horrific tragedies have to deal with the emotional and mental scars that come with serving our great nation.  Let’s honor them and help them heal with our attention and willingness to find the help they so rightly deserve.  Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for the help that is needed.  “They Said He Wasn’t Hurt,” is the anthem to bring a light of hope for all those who still have the battlefield playing in their heads.  See lyrics: Click Here

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Match I Wanna Light – When a new love starts to grow and you know that fire is going to be burning bright, all it takes is a little spark to ignite the flame.  When your eyes can't look away from your special someone and you just can't wait to see where it is all going all you can think is that's the "Match I Wanna Light.”  See Lyrics: Click Here

"Match I Wanna Light"

Written by:  Eric Durrance


Heaven Ain't That Far Away – A song that walks you down memory lane.  Fishing with the family, telling stories around the campfire or just giving a someone a hug goodnight.  It’s the little moments in life that ultimately bring us joy and tells us that “Heaven Ain’t That Far Away.”  See lyrics: Click Here

"Heaven Ain't That Far Away"

Written by:  Eric Durrance