In the news we see that our nation has been overtaken with the debate on whether to take a knee or to stand for the National Anthem at sporting events.  We have also seen the news reports and social media posts of people stomping on, burning and disrespecting our nation’s flag. I have come to the realization that there are many people who don’t have a clear understanding or comprehension of what Old Glory truly stands for. I respect people’s right to be heard and to show their disappointments of what they feel is happening in today's society. However, I wish that they would be more open to understanding what our nation’s flag stands for.

The cost of our rights to free speech, and many other rights we are allowed in this great nation is high.  These rights are not freely given to the people of the world.  They are granted to those who will fight against oppression and against those who try to control every aspect of the lives of others.  Our nation’s people are given these rights from the blood that has been shed to defend our country and beliefs.  The very symbol that they are protesting is what allows them to protest.

After nine years of service in the United States Navy, I have seen many great souls sacrifice all that they can, including their lives, for our freedoms.  My brothers and sisters that I served with gave everything for the freedoms of our nation.  “Our Flag Is For The Fallen” is not a song of telling people that they are wrong or that one side’s point of view is more important than another.  It simply states that our flag flies freely, because of the sacrifices of our service members, our police officers, our firefighters, our first responders and many others that risk their lives every day, so that we can enjoy the freedoms this great nation has to offer.

So many people have given their lives for our country.  Millions of families have felt the loss of a fallen patriot, and our nation is truly greater for their sacrifice.  We owe it to these people to show our respect every time the Star-Spangled Banner is performed. I urge everyone to stand proud with the person next to you, to place your hand over your heart or give a salute to our nations colors and show this great nation that you are proud to be an American.  Old Glory once stood as a symbol stating that “We the People” will no longer tolerate those that wish to impose their will upon us—that we will stand up strong and fight against those who wish to keep us down. 

I hope that “Our Flag Is For The Fallen” will remind people that our nation’s flag is a symbol not only of a great and free nation but also a symbol of all those who have given much—and with a grateful heart choose to stand.

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