To whom it may concern


My name is Thomas G. Benton (Tom or Renegade). I have known Justin Kane for about three

years now and even though it has been short, I have felt that I have known him for so much

longer. He is not justa great singer, song writer, but as a person he has a ora about him that turns

any frown to a smile great person.


As for American Strong the song itself brings back some memories that I have a very difficult time

explaning, just that it makes me proud to be not just an American but a Veteran as well.


Justknowing that a fellow veteran is singing this song and the heart and soul that he puts into not

just the song but the fortitude that he brings to the song means so much to me. I have never told

anybody this not even Justin, but for the longest time I had no emotions while in the Navy, four

tours around the world, thirteen tours in the sand box seen many friends fallen ( I have a bit of

PTSD), but this is not about me. This is for a person I'm proud to say he is my brother just from

another Mother. And I can count on one hand who I call that.


Like I said before no emotions while in the military, but American Strong brings back memories

good and bad and the flood works usually flow alot when I hear that song. There is not enough

letters or words in the alpheit to descibe what I feel when I hear this song and it'snot just American

Strong, Whiskey Dreams,My Way Home, Jesus and Guns, Bring on the Wisemen all those songs

have somuch meaning to me just brings the memories and the proudness that I have in this

country. I don't think Justin even knows what these songs mean to me, we talk and hang out but I

hide a lot of feelings due to my background.


I must say while Justin sings he brings a energy that is venominal like Garth back in the day, just

wants everybody to enjoy the songs and the show, and every show that I have seen is different in

there own way, but he makes sure that everybody is feeling the message that I feel he is trying to

send. The vibe he gives just makes me want to see and listen to him all the time, and be a part of

the show,he includes everybody.


I'm proud and honored to say he is not just a friend put a brother, and that is just an

understatement. I know he has alot more to bring out to the world, would love to see him on stage

with big names or bands that will enjoy him as much as I do.


In conclusion I just want to say that everybody that I know and shared his songs with weather a

Veteran or not or a country fan or not has enjoyed his singing and just that makes me want to sing

his songs as loud and proud as I can.


Thank you for reading/listening to my testimonial.


Thomas G.Benton USN Retired