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About Justin

I was born and raised in Mitchell, Nebraska. Throughout most of my youth, I was active in sports, but my love for music was always strong.  I performed in several musical events throughout high school, but following my graduation I decided to put my music dream on hold.  In September 1997 I joined the United States Navy.


My nine years in the naval service included service onboard the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman in Norfolk, Virginia as a Signalman, as a Master at Arms for Command Naval Region Southwest in San Diego, California, and finally onboard the U.S.S Bonhomme Richard as an Information Systems Technician. I went on two deployments to the Persian Gulf and served with some of the bravest and most honorable people I have ever met.


Due to my service in the military and what I have seen many of our service men and women experience, I feel that their sacrifices should not be in vain. I feel it is my duty to remember those who have served and whom are serving today. It is their sacrifice that allows us to have the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis.


Following my service, I returned to my home town and began the next chapter in my life. I decided I couldn’t ignore my love for music and decided to use this gift from God to share my love for the U.S. and to spread the message that WE ARE STRONG as a country when we are united together, WE ARE RESOLUTE when we stand together, WE ARE COURAGEOUS when we have faith in ourselves, in our country and in God. However busy our lives may be, we can be grateful for what we have because FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.


I have been blessed with many opportunities to perform at county fairs, festivals, community fundraisers and play for our veterans and service members throughout the country. In 2013 I won the Mega Star award at the Galaxy of Stars® Talent Search which allowed me to travel to Nashville where I recorded a powerful song, "American Strong,” and a fun-loving feel good song, "Cowgirl Crazy." 


"American Strong" was released nationally in November of 2014.  This song continues to receive radio play in several states and countries throughout the world helping to drive the message forward that the sacrifices made to help our nation be one of the greatest in the world have not been forgotten.  We launched the “American Strong Tour” which pays tribute to our Veterans, the U.S. Armed Forces all over the world who protect our freedom, no matter what the cost, and to all their families at home and abroad. This has given me the opportunity to spread my message and to reach thousands of people in hopes of making a positive impact on their lives and to share that “TOGETHER WE ARE AMERICAN STRONG.”  It is humbling and an honor to hear from those who have reached out to me, thanking me for not only my service, but to my dedication to our service members, wherever they may be.

In 2017 I returned to Nashville to film the video for “Cowgirl Crazy” and to record music for my new EP.  “Our Flag Is For The Fallen” reminds people that our flag is a symbol of “Courage, Faith, Hope and Freedom,  and “They Said He Wasn’t Hurt,” a song that brings to light a desperate need to help those who struggle from the invisible scars of war.


The EP takes you on an emotional journey— remembering the times spent with family and realizing heaven is here on earth, to honoring those who come home from war by letting them know that they are not forgotten—from a new-found flame and the passion that grows from within to reminding the world of what our service members have fought and died for and never forgetting that our nation’s flag is the symbol of freedom for all to see.


Throughout my career in music, I am asked what it is that I wish to accomplish.  My answer is this.  I want to be able to provide for my family of course, but I want my music to impact those who listen to it in a way that will help make their lives better.  I want to remind people of the sacrifices of others and to keep them in our hearts and prayers.  I want to provide people with a chance to escape their day to day worries, whether for thirty minutes or several hours. That escape can help them face the challenges of our day to day lives.  If my music can do that for others, then my goal has been reached.  I will continue to live my life to the fullest and be truly thankful that I have the freedoms that have been given to me by the sacrifices of so many men and women of our great nation. 

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