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Testimonials & Quotes

"As a member of the Nebraska State Fair Veterans Appreciation committee it has been our great pleasure to have Justin preform at our Veterans Appreciation program for the last 8 years. Watching the young and older Veterans enjoying and relating to Justin's music with his story is so moving. 

Billie Herron - Committee Member Nebraska State Fair Veterans Appreciation Committee.

"Talented Singer - Songwriter Nashville Recording Artist, Justin Kane is a one of a kind musician and entertainer.  With the innate ability to engage audiences young and old, this country artist will excite any crowd.  As a Veteran of the United States military he pours his heart and soul into his music and will leave a lasting memorable impression to all audiences.  He is a customer favorite and frequently requested musician at Capitol View Winery. "  

Les & Trish Meyer, Capitol View Winery.

"Justin is not only a talented musician, but also a class act to do business with!  Whether Justin is performing with a full band or as an acoustic set, the crowd at my establishment walks away impressed and asks when he is playing again!  As a local bar owner, I appreciate that Justin draws a crowd and those that happen to stumble across his show also stay to listen resulting in additional revenue for my business." 

Cindy Chatt - Chatterbox Brews

"Were you at the Nebraska State Fair on Labor Day?  Did you see Justin Kane at the music show for veterans in the morning?  Then, did you see Justin Kane's also excellent veterans show in the afternoon at the Heartland Event Center?  Both shows were excellent with, Justin Kane singing his heart out with his own original songs.  Please, remember to see the veterans shows at the State Fair every year as they are more wonderful every year.  Thanks to whoever booked Justin Kane for our great State Fair this year.  I'm hoping he's included with the show next year too." 

Carol John - Letter to the Grand Island Independent Newspaper

"When Justin sand during the 2018 Nebraska State Fair Veterans Day Celebration in Grand Island, NE. Monday Sept. 3, 2018 his music brought the crowd to their feet, many with tears.  Several thousand in attendance, (many veterans with families/friends) were amazed with Justin's music performance.  Thank God Justin shares his talents with so many."

Howard Red Smith - Grand Island, NE

"World's best country music feels that song, "American Strong" should be song of the year.  The song gives you the feeling of what America and the soldiers stand for.  Great song Justin." 

 John Tavenner - West Virginia

"My name is Thomas G. Benton (Tom or Renegade).  I have known Justin Kane for several years now and even though it has been short, I have felt that I have known him for so much longer.  He is not just a great singer, song writer, but as a person he has a aura about him that turns any fron to a smile, great person.....See More click here

Thomas G. Benton, U.S. Navy Veteran - Harrison, NE

"We can't thank you enough for joining us at the 2015 Nebraska State Fair. We received fantastic feedback regarding both your band's performance as well as your performance at the Veterans Day performance.  With the Veteran's Day performance, in particular, we received a lot of positive feedback.  Everyone very much enjoyed your music." 

Chelsey Jungck, Nebraska State Fair Entertainment & Events Direct

"This summer 2015, was the first time we at the Lighthouse Marina and Grill had an opportunity to have Justin Kane perform for us after his first performance we couldn't wait until he came back again.  Besides playing such a wide variety of music, he interacted with the crowd the entire night.  You would have thought he was a home town boy playing at his old hang out.  He is not only a great musician and performer, but very humble and leasand individual to be around.  Can't wait to have him back again as he is always a crowd pleaser." 

Michelle Armstrong - McCook, NE

"Made my son feel part of the band at the Oregon Trail Days Dance.  Way to go guys, look forward to seeing you again." 

Brandy Fraedrich - Scottsbluff, NE

"Thank you, this is a beautiful tribute Justin.  Not only for the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, but to you and all who have served in the military of this great country including many of my own family and their friends." 

Kim Franco - Scottsbluff, NE

"This is and AMAZING song!  I come from a strong military family and this song really says it all?  Hearing this song makes me so thankful for everyone of our service men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to give us the freedom we know and love.  Thank you Justin Kane for keeping it real!" 

Mindy Tigges - Des Moines, IA

"Every now and then something comes along that reminds us how we got to where we are today.  A little something to remind us of the sacrifices that were and are made on a daily basis for our freedoms and our safety.  9-11 pulled this great nation together.  With all that has been going on lately that's dividing this great nation.  This song is a great reminder that no matter what we face as a nation we must follow the example of service men and women along with our firefighters and over come our obstacles and we must press on." 

Paul Tigges - Des Moines, IA

"The first thing I did today was send "American Strong" to my ex again.  He asked me to thank you.  He hit his knees.  This song has been his mecca since the first time we chatted, salutes and Semper Fi from all of us." 

Camber Gilleland - Wisconsin

"The concert was so enjoyed by many  Lori Skala and myself can't thank you enough for the amazing job you did!" 

Billie Herron - Grand Island, NE

"Dalton, NE!!!! We can't thank you guys enough!!!  Way to Rock the Town!!!  We LOVE having you guys!!!" 

Marcia Pearson Schumacher - Dalton, NE

"Your high notes in "American Strong" gives me chills!" 

Jessica Karr - Grand Island, NE

"Turn up the volume.... My 4 year old daughter is so addicted to Justin Kane." 

Stephanie Detwiler - Harrison, NE

"Can't wait to hear you this weekend at the Lighthouse Marina, been waiting all season!!!" 

Jean Coady - McCook, NE

"Had the great opportunity to meet Justin Kane in person for the Veteran's Day event at the Nebraska State Fair.  What an amazing person and his song "American Strong" resonates who we are...  Justin, thank you for rocking it out and more importantly, thank you for your service." 

Travis Karr - Grand Island, NE

"Justin....your performance for the Nebraska Veterans Program at the State Fair was awesome!!!  We enjoyed meeting you!  Keep up the great work." 

Jan Leth -Moses Comfort Dog - Nebraska

"Saw you last night in Taylor.  You guys kicked some $@#%.  Also my grandpa, two uncles, and my dad all served in the navy.  So thank you for your service." 

Shawn Simpson - Taylor, NE

"Way to go!  Great band and my son feels like part of the band.  Looking forward to seeing you guys play again." 

Brandy Morse - Gering, NE

"I just came from seeing you and your band.  You guys ROCK!!!" 

Carol Shelton Telizyn - Rialto, CA

"Yes, you did rock the stage last night.  Best show of the night!!! (at the Greeley Stampede)" 

Sue Messamer Albert - Phillipsburg, KS

"Absolutely best show of the night.  I'm a major fan.  You guys were great." 

Lalah Dhooge Stewart - Greeley, CO

"Listening to "American Strong," really a great song!" 

Sandy Stephenson - Holyoke, MA

"What a Cracker Artist this man is - Justin Kane." 

Paul Mac - Hamilton Radio - Australlia

"Lots of GREAT talent being showcased here at the Nebraska State Fair Managers Convention, including this guy,  Justin Kane." 

Sunny Jackson - Kearney, NE

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